Thursday, October 22, 2009


My name is Bart Blair. I am 36 years old. I have been married to Christy Blair for 14 years. We have 3 young girls, our oldest is 8 and our twins are 6. My wife and I are both from Ogden and have lived here most of our lives.

I graduated from Ogden High School in 1991. While at Ogden High, I was fortunate to be chosen as Student Body President. It was an honor to travel to other schools and community events as a representative of the city of Ogden and Ogden High School.

After high school I served an LDS misson to Frankfurt, Germany. When I returned home I continued my education at Weber State University. I value the education and experiences I received at WSU, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sales and Service Technology.

Our family business has been serving Ogden for over 50 years. I am proud of our business and the impact we have had in the Ogden community. I love my job and the opportunity I have to meet and interact with the citizens of Ogden on a daily basis.

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I chose to run for City Council because I am both a father and a local business owner. The direction of this city and the decisions about its growth directly affect all Ogden families and local businesses. I am very interested and concerned with Ogden's growth and development. I am both thankful and proud to have grown up here and to have the ties I have to the Ogden area.

Professional Fire Fighters of Ogden Local 1654

Professional Fire fighters of Ogden Local 1654
International Association of Fire Fighters, AFL-CIO
P.O. Box 1537
Ogden, Utah 84402
Press Release

Contact: President James Dotson
Phone: 801-940-2110

Fire Fighters endorse Jesse Garcia, Bart Blair, Susan VanHooser, and Doug Stephens for Ogden city Council.
The Professional Fire Fighters of Ogden Local 1654 announces their support of Jesse Garcia for City Council District 1, Susan VanHooser for At-Large A-Seat, Bart Blair for At-Large B-Seat and Doug Stephens for District 3 seat.
As fire fighters we all want a strong economy, good schools, and safer streets, and at all times be available to protect and serve our community in times of need whether it be fire, natural disaster, medical emergency, or terrorist attacks.
All candidates are energetic and consistent advocates of initiatives to help fire fighters better protect the public from fire and other disasters. At the same time all candidates have been sensitive to the dangers fire fighters face on the job and the need to protect their health and safety.
Jesse, Susie, Bart, and Doug have the same vision as we “fire fighters”, that goes beyond public safety. Jesse, Susie, Bart, and Doug are strong advocates of proper training, equipment and protective clothing for firefighters, and safer staffing levels.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Responsible Growth
Ogden City is blessed with unique and unparalleled assets in terms of our bench lands, outdoor open space, and historic downtown core. Focusing our development efforts in the urban center gives our community the economic engine necessary to foster job growth, bring in retail & shopping, and make possible new residential living components.Sacrificing our prime real estate along the foothills for short-term development is shortsighted, narrow thinking that has lasting consequences for the future of Ogden.

Responsive Government
Members of the City Council are duty bound to respond to the needs, issues & concerns of their constituents. Citizen input should drive the actions of the council. Our elected officials should not base their decisions and votes on where any proposal originates, but whether it is beneficial to the citizens.

City Debt
The council should consider the significant debt Ogden City has accumulated due to redevelopment projects, and ensure their completion before embarking on new ventures. Debt should only be incurred for needs rather than wants.

Economic Development
The greatest economic development that can be done in any city is keeping taxes and fees low. When businesses look at relocating, they often take into account how the move will impact their bottom line and how those taxes will affect their employees. Additionally, they look at the management of the city and how they will be able to interact with the local government. My pledge as a council member will be to evaluate city regulations that might inhibit businesses from thriving in our city and changing those ordinances where necessary.

Downtown Development
Simply stated, development should be focused in the downtown core of the city. Every city in America understands that concept. Ogden once had a thriving downtown and in the name of progress, it was destroyed. Let’s not throw good money after bad just for the sake of new development. Taking a reasoned approach with the citizens of Ogden’s tax dollars is the most important responsibility

Marshall White Center
This public facility must remain open! Providing a safe place for at risk kids to go after school is a must. The Marshall White Center has been making a positive impact on the lives of kids for decades. The city has a duty to make sure the center is maintained and managed responsibly, but closing this asset should not be a consideration.

Role of City Government
The role of city government is to provide police and fire protection, garbage collection, water delivery and road maintenance. Staying focused on these core functions can significantly improve the quality of life of the people of Ogden.

Keeping our city beautiful
As an Ogden City Council member, I will lead road and streetside clean-up efforts with volunteers and businesses. I will work with law enforcement to make sure that graffiti is off buildings within 48 hours. This effort can be undertaken with the city and county cooperation.

I will work to ensure that our police officers have the resources they need to fulfill their job. Community Policing and Neighborhood Watch will be a key focus while I am serving on the City Council. We as citizens can do more to meet our neighbors and report suspicious activities. I agree with the zero-tolerance policy that the police department is using in the high-crime areas of the city. I will continue to support this effort by the department.

Mount Ogden Golf Course
The Mount Ogden Park and Golf Course are rare jewels of our city. This open space is irreplaceable and must be protected. As a lifelong golfer, I know firsthand the benefit it can have on youth. We need to strengthen our youth programs and marketing to make sure this course contributes to the city and its bottom line rather than being a drain.

Bench Development
Once open space property owned by the city is sold it cannot be replaced. I agree with the marketing of Ogden City as a high-adventure destination, and I believe that reducing open space is contrary to this goal and mission.

Many cities in the West are successfully attracting visitors because of their trail systems. Boise, Idaho is a thriving city because it has embraced trails and outdoor adventure. We should continue to work to add and enhance trail systems wherever possible.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Channel 17 debates

Open Letter to the Citizens of Ogden:

Thank you to the people of Ogden who voted in the primary election and more specifically thank you to those of you who voted for me. I was humbled by the response and will continue to work to gain your trust and confidence.

Several days after the primary election I received a call from the Mayors office asking me to participate in a debate on channel 17. I believe that debates are healthy when conducted in an unbiased way, on neutral ground and where citizens have an opportunity to ask questions. Unfortunately I do not feel like any debate conducted by the Mayor or his office will be unbiased. You may ask why I would even consider saying such a thing; so let me give you some background. During the Primary election the Mayor endorsed my opponent with out even calling or sitting down with me to find out where I stand on the issues facing our city. The Mayor called thousands of citizens of Ogden with a recorded message telling them he supported my opponent. For this reason I do not believe the Mayor or his office should be facilitating any kind of debate especially one aired on the city's public television station.

I welcome the opportunity to talk to voters and answer their questions as I go door to door. I am also excited about the opportunity to debate my opponent in a fair forum before the citizens of Ogden. Because I know that my lack of participation will be used against me, I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know directly why I did not attend. Once again thank you for the opportunity you have given me to appear on the general election ballot.

Bart Blair